Convincing the Anti-War

I have been spending all my time on IRC, chatting to people to try to get them to support the Iraq war so that there is more chance of getting support for a war with Iran. I have settled into a routine. The conversation goes like this:

asl? 38 male australia.

Did you support or oppose the Iraq war?

They normally respond "oppose" in which case I ask:

Did you know that Saddam used to order the rape of Iraqi women? And fed Iraqi men to lions.

Then regardless of their response to that, I ask:

Would you like to see some video of some of Saddam's crimes?

If they say "yes", I give them the following links:


Then I ask:

Do you think the free world has an obligation to protect Iraqi women from being raped by their own government?

If they say "no", I ask:

If your daughter were being raped by Saddam, would you want the US to come and rescue her?

I have had two Filipino women change from opposing the Iraq war to supporting it. So while it is tedious work, it is having some effect. And I have been honing my debating skills as people try to support their anti-war position. I have found that there's an amazing amount of crap in people's heads. The number of people who believe that America doesn't care about the Iraqi people and is just trying to steal oil is sickening.

Anyway, after having the Iraq debate, I then try to convince people that I am the second coming of Jesus. I ask their religion first. If they are Christian I ask them if they know what "666" represents and then ask them to read www.mutazilah.org which now has a short explanation of why I think I am the second coming of Jesus. I have moved the Mu'tazilah religion page to www.mutazilah.org/holybook.htm.

If the person is instead a Muslim, I am more stuck, because Muslims believe that Mohammed was the last prophet, and since I have no supernatural powers, just a single miracle, it is difficult for me to convince them that I am God. So I instead make common cause with them by saying that I am a Muslim too, but in the Mu'tazilah sect. I refer them to 33:50 in the Quran which says POWs become slaves and that you can have sex with your slaves, and try to convince them that God would never say such a thing - God would have said ABOLISH SLAVERY IMMEDIATELY. But I have not had much luck convincing Muslims to convert to Mu'tazilah.

My hope is that with the power of an idea, I can convert the whole world to Mu'tazilah, and avoid needing to go to war with every tyrant on the planet, because they will just stand down instead. I have no confidence that the Americans will seek to spread human rights and/or democracy across the globe.




One Percent is Meaningless

Here is a picture of an Iraqi family interacting with the coalition forces. I believe this represents majority opinion in Iraq. We should note that all the reports of insurgent attacks and deaths all amount to activity affecting much less than 1% of the population of Iraq. We should not judge what is happening in Iraq based on the noise that is occurring in the 1%. We should also not turn over Iraq to the 1%. The strategy that is being pursued at the moment is perfectly sound. The 99% will be triumphant.


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