Iraq and NATO

I have just read a most beautiful post. Iraq wants to join NATO. My heart soared when I saw that. Free people NATURALLY coalesce around NATO for mutual protection. It was great to read the comments too. Comments by free people welcoming other free people into the fold. Actually, when Zeyad first started blogging, I sent him an email asking him if he wanted to join NATO. In practice though, I think Iraq will have to spend a lot of time in NATO's Partnership for Peace rather than being a full member of NATO (including veto power). Basically because we need to be able to predict Iraq's reaction to crises, in order to be able to trust them to not use their veto power. And basically that means we can't continue to see a sectarian Iraqi parliament. Iraq needs to develop a 2-party system based on a left/right split so that we can predict the behaviour in the centre. On the other hand, it's not that bad that Iraq can veto NATO's actions as it will help ensure that NATO doesn't pose a threat to Russia, as external actions are increasingly likely to be vetoed.




Death Penalty

I am against the death penalty for the following reasons:

1. There's no scientific evidence that it acts as a deterrent.

2. One day we may find a cure for people's anti-social behaviour. In fact, I think I have already found the cure. The cure is to teach criminals two things - fight subjugation and empathy for strangers. Ie, adopt Mu'tazilah.

3. It costs more to sentence someone to death than it does to keep them locked up.

4. The punishment is not able to be revoked when the guilty verdict is overturned due to new evidence or improved investigative methods. (thanks to Steve in comment section).




Fatwa Regarding Cartoons

As Caliph of International Mu'tazilah I hereby issue the following decree:

Every human on this planet has freedom of thought and freedom of speech. Progress in society is made by people exercising those freedoms. Controversial cartoons was an ideal time to prove to the world how open-minded and tolerant Muslims are. Most sects totally blew it, instead showing the world how petty, close-minded and intolerant they are. They were an embarassment to the good sects such as Mu'tazilah. I look forward to the day when mainstream Muslims are as tolerant as mainstream Christians. I wonder what timeframe we can expect that in? Depends on how successful the Mu'tazilah sect can become I guess. Fingers crossed.


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